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Salt has never been an enemy in anyone’s home. We consume it with almost everything that’s edible. It is always the basic ingredient to our “master piece” and we can never have enough of it. Although little did one know that it is also one of the most dangerous ingredients if excessively consumed.

One of the most dreaded health problems, the excess consumption of salt can cause is the hypertension. It has been seen that people, who consume large amount of salt, possess greater risk of suffering from stroke and cardiovascular disease. Given this fact, no one should eat raw salt while having food. This restriction should be observed by elder people more strictly, as they face the greater risk of health hazards. Many of us have the habit of eating salt apart from using it in the food. However, it can bring you multitude of sufferings. So, it is up to you to decide whether your health is important or to tickle your taste buds. Excessive salt can also cause osteoporosis. Higher level of salt in daily food usually leads to the loss of calcium, which eventually increase the risk of osteoporosis. Likewise, you can also increase the risk of having stomach cancer with excess salt.

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