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For all the technological advances of the last few decades, fitness regimes of the old in India continue to be limited to a morning walk in the neighborhood park (for those lucky enough to have such a park in their vicinity) or street and an occasional evening stroll around house premises. The adventurous few take up yoga but even that may become strenuous and and risky for the old.

Few among us realize that exercising becomes even more crucial as we age because during this time we tend to lose muscle strength and joint flexibility leading to multiple health problems. However, going to the gym to do traditional exercises is not suitable for them as they require too much strength, stamina and flexibility. Does this mean senior citizen of the city have no other option but to stick to their ritual walks in the park? Not anymore!

The Nap Senior Fitness Program is a machines assisted activity where the individuals can just relax on the tables and the machines will assist in doing the exercise for you. The program will increase muscle strength, increase blood circulation, reduce the risks of coronary heart disease, improve the range of motion of the joint and prevent falls and balance disorders.

It is the safest and best fitness program in the world extensively used in Australia, Europe and America. It has now been brought in India and in your city by Nap Body Studio.

Staying fit was never this easy!