2 people 3 months 10 kgs!!!

Many would have already guessed who the two people being referred to here are. Yes, we are talking about Sumini Geoge and Vivek Saxena, the duo who are currently taking the Weight Loss Test with Nap. It’s been over a month since the Test started so it’s a good time to take a closer look at the results so far.

Sumini, the homemaker with three children who had admitted of putting on unwanted weight because negligent food habits and a sedentary lifestyle, has lost an incredible 3 kgs since she joined the program in August, 2011. In terms of inch loss too, the data shows and impressive decrease of almost 11 inches for her.

Vivek, you will remember from our earlier post as the guy whose irregular work hours and junk food habits led him to gain weight. Thanks to the Nap Body Studio Weight Loss Test, Vivek has lost 2 kgs and an even more impressive 14 inches from his body. He is feeling leaner and more confident with each passing day.

We are glad to have added our two pennies in the happiness quotient of these two beautiful people this festive season.