Ready for a healthy break from the exhausting and painful conventional exercise and weight-loss methods?

Nap Body Studio opened the doors to luxury fitness in India for the first time with launching its innovative centres in Bangalore in 2007, with a single focus in mind: Provide luxury fitness programs and machinery to the world. This amazing technology is currently experienced by millions across 68 countries with over 6000 salons that are revolutionizing the way people lose weight and gain health without the stress and strains of physical activity. The technology, which was introduced 30 years ago by a health professional while dealing with medically challenged patients, has today revolutionized the Fitness & Wellness industry in USA, Canada, Europe and the Middle East. In today’s high-tech era, with all the availability of mobile conveniences, having a sedentary lifestyle is quite common among youngsters. The result: weight gain and disturbed health conditions. Often, sticking to strict exercise regimes and normal diets are a challenge. Lifestyle health disorders such as Obesity, Diabetes, Hypertension, Arthritis, Nervous system disorders and more are softly killing us thus making this life a bed of pain and anguish. The people of today’s India are searching for easy and luxury solutions to overcome or prevent health disorders. The present Indian fitness industry has not been able to provide fitness the way it is desired by the rich and easy fitness lovers. Nap is ideal for all age groups – youngsters, middle aged, professionals and senior citizens. Relaxing exercises, toning tables, motorized calisthenics and continuous passive motion machine are some of the benefits of Nap.

Welcome to the world of Nap!


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