The Weight Loss Test!

2 people 3 months 10 kgs!

Introducing Sumini George!


She is a home maker with 3 sons who is not afraid to take on a challenge!

Her sedentary lifestyle, excessive partying and food habits led her to neglect her weight and put on the unwanted kgs. Realizing that her health and body image was at stake she approached us with her issues.

Together we enccuraged her to take on the Nap Body Studio Weight Loss Test. Our aim is to help her lose 10 kgs in 3 months giving her the confidence and health of a new and improved woman. Join us as we keep you updated on Sumini’s progress.

Introducing Vivek Saxena!


He is an employee is the team lead operations in Travix International working night shifts. His irregular work timings and lack of opportunity to exercise led him to put on weight. Weekends filled with junk food and long hours in front of the television did not do anything to help. He approached us with the intention of losing weight to lead a healthier lifestyle. We at NAP intend to make him a fit and healthy individual who will  have the energy it takes to get through the day with some to spare. Once again our aim for Vivek is 10kgs in 3 months.


4 thoughts on “The Weight Loss Test!”

  1. thats really bold initative … will follow

  2. Pearl Tewari said:

    This seems interesting. A real time weight loss

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